Notes of AGM 15 January 2017

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Notes of AGM 15 January 2017

Postby Tanya H » Sun Feb 05, 2017 5:42 pm

Notes of the North East VW Club Annual General Meeting held 15th January 2017, 3.00pm Middlesbrough Municipal Golf Club

Welcome and Introductions
Steve welcomed everyone to the meeting and thanked Dave Porter for making arrangements with the venue. Apologies had been received from Mick Harrison who was unwell.

Highlights of 2016
Steve ran through some highlights from 2016 as follows:
Charity Events
Steve congratulated members on the work they had done to raise funds for Zoe’s Place Baby Hospice which totalled in excess of £5,600 for 2016 with £1,020 raised via the charity stall at Volkspower and over £4,500 raised from the raffle of Easter Eggs collected by club members for Zoe’s Place. Steve explained that Tanya and Mick had taken the lead on organising the charity stall at Volkspower for Zoe’s Place for a number of years and asked whether other volunteers would be willing to organise it this year. Mark and Liz volunteered to take the lead in 2017 and Tanya agreed to continue with the liaison and visits to Zoe’s Place to help out.

Christmas Night Out
Steve thanked Dave Cramp for organising the event which was enjoyed by many of the club members.

Home is Where you Park it
Steve introduced Alex Hendry to the group who has been in charge of the 'Home is Where you Park it' project. The project was funded with Heritage Lottery Funds and crowd funding to establish a record of people’s VW stories and histories to ensure a record is made of this aspect of social history. The project has now come to an end and Alex has worked with VW owners, including a number from the NEVW Club, to make oral and digital recordings of their VW stories and to reproduce these into a free book which she distributed at the meeting. Alex explained that the National Motor Museum in Bewley plans to archive the stories in their collection as part of the country’s VW heritage. She also explained that she has secured some media interest with an article in the Journal. She plans to send a press release to VW magazines and Teesside’s local newspapers to further raise the profile. Alex thanked all members for their contributions which have made the project possible.

Information for 2017

Festival Ticket Prices
Steve informed the group that ticket prices for some shows have seen quite an increase for 2017 as some festivals are starting to charge for entrance tickets plus an additional charge per vehicle for camping. It was mentioned that some reductions can be made by booking through We Scan Tickets.

Wedding Hire
Steve asked anyone who offers their vehicles for wedding hire to let him know as the club regularly receives requests for information on this.

Volkspower Tickets
These are available on supersaver until the end of January at a reduced rate of £23.50.

Report from Treasurer
Neil provided an update on the club funds as follows:

Financial Statement 2016
Balance at previous AGM = £1,266.16
Income = £552.87
Expenditure = £875.21
Balance at 15/1/17 = £943.82

Neil explained that £25 was received from ‘Income Rewards’ which was as a result of members taking out vehicle insurance with ABVWC. He explained that there are a number of insurance companies that offer discounts to club members and the club also receives a reward. Members would simply need to state they are a member and provide the club registration number when taking out insurance. Neil will provide a list of the relevant insurance companies on the club website and members can contact him if they require the club registration number.

Report on Membership

There were 79 members at the end of 2016 (10 honorary; 69 paid). At the end of 2015 membership stood at 80 members; membership levels therefore remain consistent.

Report on Website
There is nothing to report from 2016. Tony explained that in 2017 he plans to reinvigorate the site, include Amazon adverts and reinforce Google ads to try to increase income for the club. The club Facebook page is receiving more traffic since Peter has taken on managing this as he is more proactive in its use.

Nominations and Election of Committee 2017
Steve thanked all committee members for their work and support during 2016 and invited nominations for the committee posts for 2017. Tanya reported that Mick is unable to stand as Secretary again this year. Nominations were made and seconded as detailed below:
Chair – Steve Lambert
Secretary – this post is vacant at present. Anyone who is interested in this role should contact Steve. Mick is happy to provide more information of what the role involves if anyone wants to get in touch.
Treasurer – Neil Longstaff
Membership and Website – Tony Irving
Events/Activities/Cruises/Charity Events – it was agreed that members would help with this depending on who would be involved in each activity.

Any Other Business

Zoe’s Place Easter Egg Run
Mark informed the meeting that the police have new rules on arranging a police escort for events which mean that applications need to be made at least 12 weeks in advance. They must involve the relevant local authorities and can mean that roads en route have to be closed. This all meant that it would be unlikely that we could secure a police escort for the run again this year. The group discussed an appropriate date for the Easter Egg run and suggested that Saturday 25 March would be best. Tony agreed to do a poster for the event for members to use to collect Easter Eggs. Tanya agreed to contact Zoe’s Place to make arrangements.

Teesside Carting Event
Dave Cramp asked whether members might be interested in an event at Teesside Carting Circuit in South Bank. A number of offers are available and depending on the number of people taking part the event would cost between £44 and £60 per person. It includes a 20 minute practice session and 40 minute race as well as a bacon/sausage bun. A number of members were interested and preferred a Saturday morning in early March. Dave will look into availability and add details to the website. Anyone interest should add their names so that Dave can make the booking.

Sedgefield Racecourse Ladies Evening
Steve asked whether members would be interested in a ladies race night at Sedgefield Racecourse in August which includes the Craig Charles Funk and Soul show after the racing. The racecourse has confirmed that overnight camping is available with electricity for £12. Steve will add details to the website to gather interest.

Thank you to the Committee
Dave Cramp thanked the committee members for all the work they have done on behalf of all members during 2016.

Date and Time of Next Meeting
The next meeting would normally take place on Tues 14th February 2017. However this clashes with Valentine’s Day and it is proposed that the meeting should therefore take place one week later on Tuesday 21 February 2017 at 8.30pm at the Roundel.
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